Final Fantasy 8 Emulator
The FF VIII game is set at a time wherein war has been declared by a superpower, known as Garbadia, and this superpower is at war with Dole, one of the nearest country to it. You would be able to find in Dole the academy which is home to two very important people, one of which is Seifer, who is considered to be hot-headed and is quite ambitious, and the ‘lone wolf’, who is very serious. Some people would consider Squall as looking aloof and on the other hand, Seifer, as someone who is not able to discipline oneself and is not able to control himself if for instance he is in front of a rival.

Aside from this, it also included other kinds of merchandise such as printed form of media, as well as motion pictures.

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Final Fantasy 8 Emulator

The Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy 8 was released by Squaresoft, with a remarkably high expectation from the company itself as well as from the game based on the huge success of Final Fantasy 8’s prequel. The goal of Squaresoft was to maintain the evenness or rather, the balance of a realistic kind of graphic combined with fantasy without making the players feel that the game is being repetitive.  However, Squaresoft became too much concerned as to how the graphics of the game would look like and could have possibly forgotten the way that the gameplay would turn out as well with regard to the music of the entire game, the characters that would have to be included and the storyline should of course be good and well presented. But despite this, the game really has a lot to provide to its players, like some of the scenes that they would encounter, and are directed well and are also produced well. You may now even consider that Squaresoft was able to come up with a movie instead of a game since it may even become part of a scene for an action-packed movie.

The world of Squall will take a different kind of turn, the moment that he gets to meet and encounter Rinoa Heartilly, whom you would notice as free-spirited. Squall would become fascinated with Rinoa’s attitude simply because Rinoa has a carefree kind of attitude. Squall would start to dream that he is a soldier, a Laguna Loire, who is part of Garbadian army. Eventually he would learn that there is a connection between his dreams and his fate.

For the time being, there is a sorceress that continued to manipulate the men who were considered to be the most powerful in Garbadia. Seifer, together with Squall, they would have to work things out and go on a mission and take the life of the sorceress.

Without a doubt, the Final Fantasy 8 series is successful not only in terms of the way it was commercialized but also in any aspect that makes a video game great. That is why Final Fantasy is considered to be the franchise for video games which is the bestseller of all the Square Enix video games. You may be astounded to know that about 85 million units of Final Fantasy were sold.

Dragon Quest is another best-selling video game from Square Enix. In 2006, it was given a chance to receive a ‘star’ which can be found at the Walk of Fame and this has even made it to the World Records of Guinness, even during the year 2008. A lot of people are into it because of the soundtrack, the visuals, as well as the innovation that was put into it.
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