Final Fantasy II & III
Hironobu Sakaguchi was the one responsible for the creation of Final Fantasy, owned by Square Enix, which used to be Squaresoft. The main focus of its centers for franchise was consoles intended for RPGs or role-playing games.

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About Final Fantasy Emulator

It started in 1987 as a series, and back then, it was considered to be a video game which somehow kept Square from becoming bankrupt. Basically, the game was all about success together with sequels that were spawned. The video game brought about various kinds of genres as well as platforms, like for instance, role-playing games that are considered to be more tactical in nature, games that are portable, games that are now accessible online and may be played by multiple players done at the same time, and even mobile phone games.

Even if a lot of the installments of the Final Fantasy revolve around stories that are independent, and take place at settings that may not even be related as well as its characters, there are elements that you would see very prevalent among the series and this in turn helps one define the kind of franchise that it is. Part of these prevalent elements includes the names of the different characters included in each series, the themes of the plots, and the mechanics of the game being played. Most of the time, the theme of the plot revolves around heroes that could have possibly waged war against an evil character and the characters, at the same time, encounter various kinds of relationships as well as struggles within themselves. When it comes to the names of the characters, these names most likely come from different languages, mythologies of a wide range of cultures, the history of a particular place, no matter where it may be.

Without a doubt, the Final Fantasy series is successful not only in terms of the way it was commercialized but also in any aspect that makes a video game great. That is why Final Fantasy is considered to be the franchise for video games which is the bestseller of all the Square Enix video games. You may be astounded to know that about 85 million units of Final Fantasy were sold.

Dragon Quest is another best-selling video game from Square Enix. In 2006, it was given a chance to receive a ‘star’ which can be found at the Walk of Fame and this has even made it to the World Records of Guinness, even during the year 2008. A lot of people are into it because of the soundtrack, the visuals, as well as the innovation that was put into it.

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